Jose Antonio de Juan Carrasco. Arquitecto. Valencia Jose Antonio de Juan Carrasco. Arquitecto. Valencia

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Our Professional Team


Our cabinet is made at the technical level by a number of professionals who are active together in the architecture, engineering and in urban planning. What topics are diverse professionals that has intervened, with the collaboration of the various technical to fit any type of performance and complexity of the project to which it relates their work.



Technicians act committed either cabinet both for preparing development projects, building, interior architecture, decoration, renovation, industrial and infrastructure and services, including on-site in the implementation of their own or other projects. His working career allows them to update to date techniques and methods for better development in their professional work, given his qualifications and training.


As for his performances on site have specialized in the preparation of work plans, work schedules and development of projects under implementation, counting himself with sufficient authority for safety studies and coordination of different infrastructures to develop in work scheduling and quality control and monitoring.


We can perform procedures for dealing with licenses, special permits and other administrative matters related to construction. We can advise property valuations and the acquisition of housing. We assessments of building energy rating in accordance with current regulations




Parte de nuestro equipo técnico